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How much does Paver Sealing cost in Florida

Paver Sealing costs vary Greatly. In our service areas in and around Palm Harbor and Tarpon Springs the cost of quality paver sealing ranges from .75 cents to $3.00 per sq ft. The large range in costs depends on the condition of the pavers and the type of stone.

The low end of cost range would be: 1. Pavers that were recently installed and do not require joint sand replacement. Usually a job like this requires a quick soft wash, followed by an efflorescence treatment to avoid the white calcium deposit within the stone from seeping out and making the pavers look horrible. Followed by applying commercial grade sealer tailored to the stone and finish you want; 2. Another lower cost situation is if the pavers were sealed within the past 1-3 years and the joint sand is still intact. This requires a softwash touch up of the joint sand and applying new sealer on top of the existing sealer that has not failed, yellowed, or peeled.

$1.25-$1.55 is the average going rate for most paver sealing jobs around Palm Harbor Florida for Paver Sealing. This includes more steps than the first situation. The pavers are pressure washed with a surface cleaner. Existing joint sand is removed along with weeds and grass. The Pavers and joints are treated with algaecide, effloresce treatment and a degreaser to fully prep them for the sealer. New joint sand is installed to the correct depth to keep the pavers stable and inhibit vegetation growth. Lastly application of commercial grade sealer.

Lastly, is the most labor and material intensive job which would require removal of failed sealer. Paver stripping and sealing is usually 2x the cost of a standard cleaning and sealing job. This requires at least 2 applications of a sealer stripping agent that is usually citric acid based (which is eco friendly) Prior to pressure washing, soft washing, and joint sand replacement.

The average cost for professional paver sealing in Palm Harbor and Tarpon Springs Florida is .75- $3.00. Be wary of inexperienced contractors. The old saying applies in this situation " Good work isn't cheap and cheap work isn't good. It doesn't make sense to try to save money and end up with subpar outcome. Even worse, some botched sealer jobs end up costing $2.50-$3.00 sq ft to fix because it requires stripping off a failed sealer application.

Be sure to always ask for references and how much experience the contractor has dealing with your specific type of job. It is also a good idea to get 3 quotes and meet 3 contractors before deciding who you feel most comfortable with. Its not the cheapest price you want but the most value for your investment. After the job is complete schedule a follow-up soft wash service to keep the pavers looking great. It is also a good idea to have a new coat of sealer applied at 12-24 months after the first application.. This not an on-going requirement, but it does make the sealer job last considerably longer and as stated earlier is much cheaper than waiting until they need to be completely redone.

Feel free to reach out to Veterans SoftWash & Pressure Cleaning with any questions or to request a quote if you are in the local service area.

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